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Most other sites who claim to send youtube views to your video are probably using something called mobile view bots. View bots work by sending fake requests, that youtube processes as a 'mobile view', mobile views have no value at all to your videos. They only put your youtube account at risk to be suspended, the current quality score of view bot views is unsurprisingly at 1/10. 

YouTube is an online icon, within the immense world of on-line competition, YouTube has breached each degree of expectation one can hope for and is at present the number one web site to look at on-line movies, shows, tutorials and more. On any given day tens of hundreds of thousands of individuals work together on YouTube by watching, uploading, promoting, commenting on, and promoting videos, making YouTube a exceptional venue for endorsing a enterprise or sponsoring a product. Interesting to the customers of YouTube, you may in truth enchantment to a global viewers, an viewers which is comprised of billions of individuals all wanting for one thing. What they are trying to find might be anything, laughter, entertainment, education, or maybe the product or video you wish to promote.  Develop your market and look to modern and profitable methods of accelerating your online enterprise productiveness by investing in YouTube. We will provide you with the leap to begin what you are promoting, all it takes is a small funding in your half to purchase YouTube views.

So why doesn't everyone just buy views? Unfortunately there are a lot of false sites who claim to get youtube views and don't deliver. They have created fear among youtube video publishers looking to make their video go viral. At authentic views we guarantee all our views or money back!
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